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A disgruntled guest. A mistaken identity. Things that go bump in the night!
Fun. A little naughty. Leave the kids at home! Anything can happen in Night Caps International, an irreverent series of late- night, newly-commissioned 15-minute music dramas, all set in the same hotel on different nights. Start with a cocktail, then enjoy a little taste of foreign intrigue with a single episode after select SummerFest mainstage performances, or revel in the complete cycle with all episodes in one evening in the final weekend. Recommended for ages 14 and older.


Chinese Suite

Thursday, July 11—following Shining Brow

Composer: Yanwa Guo
Director: Hannah Balash

When her translator misses the flight to the Western Pennsylvania Invitational, a superstar golfer from China finds love, cultural confusion, and snow that continues into May!

French Suite

Friday, July 12—following A Little Night Music

Composer: Monic Cecconi-Botella
Director: Claudia Carrera

Two Parisian florists visiting Pittsburgh for the International Home & Garden Show find themselves unexpectedly catapulted into intrigue, botanical espionage, and romance! This episode includes the famous “Nightcaps Flower Duet.”

Penthouse Suite

Saturday, July 13—following The Tales of Hoffmann–Retold

Composer: Roger Zahab
Director: Dennis Robinson

Due to a snafu in reservations, the glamorous penthouse suite has been promised to both a 300-year-old opera diva and a teenage pop star! Who will come out on top?

Gospel Suite

Friday, July 19—following Shining Brow

Composer: Dwayne Fulton
Director: Rebecca Antal

Hotel manager Miss Darlington has her hands full when the ballroom is rented out for an important announcement regarding the race for mayor!

Night Caps International

All four mini-operas in a complete cycle

Saturday, July 20 • 10:30 pm - following A Little Night Music
Sunday, July 21 • 6:30 pm - following The Tales of Hoffman - Retold

The full cycle runs approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes