World Premiere

Music by Roger Zahab
Libretti by Laci Corridor, Jonah Eisenstock, Josh Ginsburg, Wei He, Barbara Jwanouskos, Tracy Held Potter, Stephen Webb, Roger Zahab


  • 24 July 2014 at 6:00 pm
  • 25 July 2014 at 6:00 pm

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Happy Hour! takes you into the minds of average Pittsburghers as they contemplate, in musical fashion, a meet-up in a local bar. From first dates to break-ups, to drinks with the girls or guys' night out, we've commissioned this series of "bar arias" (barias?) to allow you to eavesdrop into the personal lives of the characters. Some will succeed, some may fail, but you'll be guaranteed laughs, fun situations, and a unique way to experience opera. We'll present the complete cycle of Happy Hour! at SummerFest, but we'll also be performing individual arias—two or three at a time—at various Pittsburgh bars during happy hour throughout the months of June and July. We'll try to let you know in advance where and when, but you'll never quite know...until the person next to you at the bar breaks out into song!

BREAKING NEWS: Find our pop-up Happy Hour! operas at these locations during the final week of SummerFest!

July 24 6:00-6:45pm Bites and Brews
    1947 Tavern
    The Harris Grill
    5801 Video Lounge and Cafe
July 25 6:00-7:00pm Sonoma Grill
    August Henry's City Pub
    The Sharp Edge Bistro



Production Team



Composer   Roger Zahab   2014 Young Artists     
Librettists   Laci Corridor        
    Jonah Eisenstock        
    Josh Ginsburg        
    Wei He        
    Barbara Jwanouskos        
    Tracy Held Potter        
    Stephen Webb        
    Roger Zahab        
 Directors   2014 Resident Artist Stage Directors        



Karaoke Catastrophe

libretto by Jonah Eisenstock


libretto by Jonah Eisenstock

Newbie Sally

libretto by Tracy Held Potter 

Ms. Irvine

libretto by Stephen Webb           

Desperately Seeking

libretto by Josh Ginsburg

Get a Hat for its Feather

libretto by Wei He

Time to Wine

libretto by Barbara Jwanouskos

The Proper Glass

libretto by Laci Corridor

Full Service Menu

libretto by Roger Zahab