Want to attend an opera or musical but know that your little one may not have the attention span to come along? We're pleased to offer childcare services during Sunday matinee performances.

Childcare room

State-licensed caregivers from the Catholic Youth Association Day Care Center (in the Stephen Foster Center in Lawrenceville) will provide oversight and gentle activities for children aged 2–5 years old in Winchester Thurston's lovely child care center—just 50 yards down the corridor from the Falk Auditorium. Parents have the opportunity to easily look in on the children during the intermission break.

Reservations for childcare services are necessary—please reserve no later than three days before the performance. (A minimum of five children is required in order to provide the service, and sessions will permit no more than 25 children.) Cost is $15 per child.

Please speak with members of our Box Office staff at 412-326-9687 to discuss your needs and to make a reservation.