The Falk Auditorium is one of Pittsburgh's best-appointed mid-sized theaters. Recently renovated by the architectural firm run by the late Al Filoni, the intimate Falk Auditorium offers clear sightlines, excellent acoustics, and comfortable seating.

A note on seating sections
Although all seats are remarkably close to the stage action, we particularly recommend seats in the rear of the theater for their view of the entire stage picture and rich blend of sound. For this reason the seating chart looks unlike most other theater seating plans, with seats increasing in price the farther they are from the stage. For their ease of access, aisle seating is priced $5 above other seats in the row.

Our hope is that with a wide range of prices, you'll be able to select a seat that perfectly meets your needs.

Interactive seat map
Take a virtual visit to the Falk Auditorium by clicking on the camera icon on selected seats—you can view the stage from that seat.

For questions about accessibility, sightlines, etc., please call the box office at 412-326-9687.