Sunday 15 July at 7:30 pm

Pittsburgh's most celebrated cabaret artist, Daphne Alderson, joins us with her band to interpret songs made famous by Marlene Dietrich, heartthrob of a generation of Germans, idol of that nation, and an international artist of an era. Unforgettable music presented by an incomparable Pittsburgh singer.

Daphne and Dietrich

It is Daphne Alderson's vision to bring cabaret to people everywhere. Critically acclaimed as an artist of 'dignified passion' by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, her warm, contralto voice has moved and delighted audiences of all ages. Her debut recording, A Matinee at the Love Cafe, has been called "an enchanting and mesmerizing" collection of American, French, and Latin song standards.

Her voice, a rich alto, is an amazing, chameleon-like thing that changes to fit the needs of whatever she sings. It soars through the compositions, imbuing them with classically-trained dignity, combined with a pop sensibility. The changes [in her voice] convey a depth of empathy and compassion that lend weight to her performance.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette