We are honored to host an exhibition of recent paintings by local artist Anna Singer in the Cabaret Lounge gallery through the month of July.

Anna Singer at the easel

Anna will be showing paintings in oil, acrylic, and pastels, ranging in sizes from 6x6 to 24x36 inches. All works are for sale, but don't be discouraged if your favorite work is already sold...Anna is willing to repaint the subject just for you, or provide a giclee copy. (Giclee prints are reproduced on canvas, upon which Anna adds additional paint layers and an original signature.)


About the Artist
Anna is well-known to audiences as a skilled singer/performer in her many appearances on local stages in Broadway and operatic works, and each weekday she can be heard on WQED Classical 89.3, Western Pennsylvania's fine arts radio.

About her painting, she says "I have always loved color, been inspired by it. My husband suggested I should try painting and it felt like I was coming home. It is a challenge and yet it gives such joy and I do love the opportunity to share. Thank you from my heart."


Please join Anna for a free opening reception of the exhibition on Friday 6 July at 6:30 pm.


6x6 Panels