Over 150 friends of Pittsburgh Festival Opera joined us at Gala Cubanaour fundraising gala on Saturday 22 April 2017 at the Pittsburgh Golf Club, Schenley Park, Squirrel Hill. 

Gala Cubana

It's hard to portray the incredible diversity of the Cuban people with a single event or image. We love how the many influences from Cuba's history—Taíno, Spain and Portugal, Africa, and the Caribbean—all come together, bringing together customs, traditions, and colors. It is in that spirit that we celebrated 
Gala Cubana.

Guests gathered for a celebration of Cuban culture and music to raise funds for the company’s education programs, which bring free programs to area pre-K, elementary, and middle school students, introducing the joys of telling stories through music. The event featured Cuban food, music, and dance, and the first U.S. performance of excerpts from Roberto Valera and Charles Koppelman's Cubanacán—the first new Cuban opera in 50 years

The evening started with Cuban cocktails and authentic Afro-Cuban dance, where guests mingled with artists, educators, and our board of directors, who have helped make our Opera Tots!, Buzzword Pittsburgh, and Opera in the Schools programs so successful. Dinner, entertainment, dessert, drinks, dancing, and live and silent auctions followed.


Gala Cubana

The full event started at 6:00 pm and included a complete Cuban experience:

  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Cash bar, featuring mojitos and daiquiris (your first drink's on us!)
  • Rum Tasting Bar
  • Photo booth
  • Afro-Cuban dance performance
  • Tropical fashion show by designer Lana Neumeyer
  • Dinner
  • Musical performances
  • Silent and Live Auctions
  • Dancing to Miguel Sague III and Guaracha
  • Dessert buffet



Fiesta Cubana

Some guests preferred to join the party in progress at 8:15 pm:

  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Cash bar, featuring mojitos and daiquiris
  • Rum Tasting Bar
  • Photo booth
  • Dancing to Miguel Sague III and Guaracha
  • Dessert buffet





Three tropical-inspired menu choices were created by the Pittsburgh Golf Club's executive chef Mike Wagner:

  • Marinated flatiron steak served with a chimichurri sauce
  • Chicken cutlet milanese with a cilantro pesto sauce
  • Fish steamed in banana leaf with a pepper and onion confit

All menu options served with traditional Cuban side dishes, including salad, white rice, black beans, and plantains.




Miguel Sague III/Guaracha





Teanna Medina


stephanie ramos

Stephanie Ramos 


The Event in Photos

A number of guests were inspired to attend in Cuban attire. Cuba's location in the Caribbean offers deep blue skies, white sand beaches, a multitude of tropical flowers and plants, and bold colors, not to mention incredible diversity in people and cultures. Here are some of our favorite photos...


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Photos by Mainline Photography