Ring Leaders receive exclusive perks throughout the 2018 Summer Festival Season. Perks vary by performance and may include:

  • Free drinks
  • Companion tickets
  • Party passes
  • Concession discounts
  • And more!


Ringleader card



Simply present your Ring Leader card at the Festival to start enjoying your benefits! To learn what perks are waiting for you at a given performance, inquire at the Box Office or call our office.

If you’re already a Ring Leader, you should already have received your card in the mail. You can become a Ring Leader at any time in 2018 by making a donation of $100 or more to the Ring Fund.

Ring Leaders making gifts at the $1,000 level or greater will receive two tickets to a private dress rehearsal of The Valkyrie in 2019.


If you're not currently a Ring Leader, join by August 1, 2018, when the current minimum contribution of $100 increases.

Become a Ring Leader



In recognition of donations made during the 2017 Festival, we thank the following charter members of the Ring Leaders:

Mark Abramowitz
Douglas Ahlstedt
Jane Arkus
Linda Bamberg
Joseph Bielecki
Lawrence and Jane Breck
Susan Campbell
Marge Campbell
Joyce Candi Grove
Rosemary Coffey
Nancy Condee
Demareus Cooper
Hope Cottrill
Robert Croan
David D'Emilio
Karen Drilling
Mary E Myers
Claire Floyd
Robert Frankenberry


Mark Freeman
Dina Fulmer
William Guy
Kathleen Hann
Fil and Jana Hearn
Mark Heine
Katherine Holter
Mary Hosler
Alison Huettner
Arthur John Kerr Jr.
Elizabeth Kennard
Takako Kiyota-Petek
George and Joan Kolonay
Josephine Kost
Alison Kresh
Elaine Luther
Gwen MacDonald
Kenneth Manders
Mark Mazur


Doug McGill
Barbara McKenna
Amy Minter
Nicholas Miskovsky
Marian Mosites
Gail Mosites
Etsuro Motoyama
Roxy MtJoy
Eugene and Barbara Myers
Ingrid Naugle
Lana Neumeyer
Christine Neuwirth
Joan Nilson
Jesse Njus
George Parous
David Plecenik
Mildred Posvar
Aron and Karen Primack
Ansley Robin


Joy Sabl
James Sahovey
Dolores Schultz
Dylan Shaffer
Stephen Shaner
Carolyn Smith
David Sogg
Janet Squires
Thomas and Diane Stanley
Jane Steineck
Robert Swendsen
Margaret Tarpey
Barbara Thompson
Pat Truschel
Jamini V Davies
Lawrence Yagoda
Roger Zahab
Terence Zuber



Questions? Contact Roxy MtJoy at 412-621-1499.